“Stunning, moving and uplifting, Raising Angels will change your life forever.”

- Simran Singh, 11:11 Magazine, author of Conversations with The Universe

 Raising Angels is a charming novel set among the warmth, challenges and love of everyday family life. It illustrates how angels can be messengers for peace and love. The story gently unfolds after Raphael begins his quest to bring an angel he finds by the side of the road back to life. Become immersed in the characters’ lives as they move along an incredible journey of love¸ loss¸ hope and miracles...with the help of angels.

“I am Love. You are Love. All that is real is Love. This is worth remembering, especially when you seem to be stuck in the middle of a challenging experience.”


“Raising Angels is a comforting promise that there is much more to this world. The journeys and lessons in Raising Angels are not only gripping, but artistic portrayals of essential spiritual principals. From one beautiful chapter to the next I found myself immersed in an uplifting energy that left me fulfilled.”

- Charles Virtue, co-author of Signs From Above