Paul Morris Segal in the studio Paul has recently created, with concert pianist and music producer Phillip Gelbach, the Angel Touch CD / audio. Angel Touch creates a warm organic heart-felt vibe and is an experience to be treasured.
For the first time you can hear extremely high vibrational healing frequencies designed to bring balance while calming and energizing your body. This can help you relieve tension, increase oxygen flow and energy through your body – bringing a feeling of wellbeing.
Be taken on an impactful, transformational expedition into the angelic realms with music specially prepared to create a pure sound free from digital artefacts – in a sacred healing frequency.  
Angel Touch utilises modulation, healing frequencies, vibrational and spatial information, to create a unique experience.

So relax, take some deep breaths and enjoy your journey with Angel Touch!

Angel Touch
Phillip Gelbach   is a concert pianist and music producer. He has been the musical director and producer for many Visionary Intuitive Healing® Music CDs / audio downloads, including:
Visionary Intuitive Healing® - Transformative Music CD Series
Reflexology & Relaxation Music                                                                          
Tantric Music for Heart & Soul                                                                              
Spa Sensations Music                                                                                           
Tranquility: Rest, Relax & Rejuvenate                                                                   
Gateway: A musical journey into the Light                                                        
Peaceful Sleep Music                                                                                       
Accelerated Learning & Memory Enhancement Music                                 
Visionary Intuitive Healing® - Music For Children CD Series
Healing Time for Children                                                                                             
Sleep Time for Children                                                                                      
Play Time for Children                                                                                      
Mother & Baby                                                                                                                
Pregnancy, Birth & Beyond
Visionary Intuitive Healing® - Animal Healing & Relaxation Series
Animal Healing & Relaxation                                                                                                                             
Healing & Relaxation - Music for Dogs                                                                     
Healing & Relaxation - Music for Cats                                                                                      
Healing & Relaxation - Music for Horses                                                                            
Healing & Relaxation - Music for Birds                                                                      
Healing & Relaxation - Music for Rabbits                                                          
Healing & Relaxation - Music for Rodents


“Every now and again a small book enters our lives, which carries a big punch. Jonathan Livingston Seagull was such a book. Now, on an entirely different theme of angels and humans, RAISING ANGELS is a sweet, heart-opening book which carries a powerful message of Love. And in our current times, no other message could be more appropriate.”

- Michael J. Roads, Author of THROUGH THE EYES OF LOVE, Books One, Two, and Three.