Paul Morris Segal is available for interviews related to Raising Angels.


Book Launch details:

Rockpool Publishing

PO Box 252 Summer Hill, NSW 2130, Australia

+612 9327 7150

Victorian Raising Angels launch: Saturday 15th June 2013, 3pm - 5pm

Queensland Raising Angels launch: Tuesday 2nd July 2013, 6.30 pm

Mary Ryan Bulimba - 190 Oxford St, Bulimba, Qld 4171, Australia ph: +617 3399 7575 / fax: +617 3399 7975



“Raising Angels is an amazing novel. It really moved me and there were parts of it that made tears roll down my cheeks. I know it's no coincidence that I got to read this story. Raising Angels should be available at all school libraries and be part of any curriculum with subjects such as philosophy and religion. It is highly recommendable! I really love it! ”

- Britt Bolving, school principal, Denmark