Raising Angels novel by Paul Morris Segal

Raphael finds a dead angel by the side of the road and embarks on a life-altering quest to bring it back to life.

Though he tries to keep it a secret, eventually his family joins his journey, encountering Mr Amichi who is nearing the end of his life and wants to help, but can he?

Through twists and turns, this allegorical novel explores the deeper questions in life; the importance of family, love, hope, dreams, death and the roll of angels in all of our lives.

Raising Angels is an uplifting and transformational novel, which will impact your life and effect you deeply, long after you have finished reading.

Imagine if you found a dead angel by the side of the road. What would you do?

Raising Angels is a charming novel set in the warmth and love of everyday family life. It illustrates how angels can be messengers for peace and love. The story gently unfolds after Raphael begins his quest to bring an angel he finds by the side of the road back to life. Become immersed in the characters’ lives as they move along an incredible journey of love, loss, hope and miracles… with the help of angels.

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Raising Angels novel by Paul Morris Segal

Publisher: Rockpool Publishing / Release date: June 2013

ISBN: 978-1-921878-49-7 / Mind Body Spirit Fiction

Distributor: Brumby Sunstate